If you are a small business owner…tell me if this doesn’t speak to some of your frustration marketing your business online!


You probably spend a lot of time and energy, away from actually running your business, on a variety of sites and services doing everything you can to get your business in front of your potential customers.    You probably aren’t really sure which services and platforms are best to use, how to use them very well, and more importantly how to actually get them in front of the right people.   It’s a daunting challenge for sure and with the number of services out there, many of which are trying to get your every dollar, it can be frustrating and exhausting, leading to that analysis-paralysis state of mind that leaves you checked out and wanting to throw your hands up in the air saying “The heck with this!”.

To add to that frustration, the internet landscape is only becoming more cluttered and noisy and to top it off, all of these platforms that business owners are using are disconnected from one another.   That means you spend time generating and marketing content on one platform and then find yourself repeating the whole process over on another platform.   This isn’t ideal to say the least…

So you’re likely splitting your time on social media sites like Facebook or Twitter, deal and coupon sites like Living Social or Groupon, ratings and reviews sites like Yelp or Citysearch, and even your own company website or blog.   That’s a lot of sites to generate content for and keep track of and then have to figure a way to market…that is, if you are even making it that far!

You’re probably also aware of Google Adwords, maybe even using it along with any one of many other similar services such as Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, SEO programs/services, press releases, and a whole slew of other pay as you go offerings.   These all can be of great value to you, the only problem is that they aren’t cheap and you are in competition with your peers.   So the more money you spend, the more money they spend.   It’s self defeating to some extent…

So…what are the alternatives!?   There really aren’t any…and that’s why we decided to create bliips.   We’re a small team out of Austin, Texas committed to providing small business owners with a platform to unify all their internet presences into a single low-cost experience.    What does that mean?   It means we are bringing the best-of-the-web into one place so your audience can easily find everything they need to know about you.   You get to determine what they see and finally have peace of mind knowing that the efforts you are spending on other platforms are going to be seen by your potential customers.   That’s great news isn’t it!?   We hope so!

While our service is still new and our team size small, we have huge ambitions to give you as the small business owner the most powerful platform to market your business.   So share our service with those people you know and tell them it’s time for a better local search experience.   We’ll continue to bring more of what you need into the bliips service…stay tuned!